God In A Box

Have we put God in a box? Have we convinced ourselves that He has lost control of the world?

I hate to admit it, but I think it’s true. For some reason, we no longer trust in the God of miracles. As Christians, we’ve decided we must take things into our own hands and “help” God out.┬áNo longer is He Almighty God, rather, He is nothing more than a good luck charm, a go-to fairy godfather of last resort that needs us as much as we need Him.

God is on His throne, no matter what we choose to think or believe. We need Him, He does not need us. He chose us to be His sons and daughters, not the other way around. If we want to see miracles in this dark time, we must, like those who have gone before us, put our faith and trust in the One true God. He alone has the power to change the course of history.




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